Summative and formative assessments

  • Supporting the whole exam cycle, including exam planning, exam creation, exam implementation and exam evaluation
  • Providing support in the development of catalogues of learning objectives and weighted content outlines (blueprints) for the exams;
  • Training authors in writing exam questions or exam tasks (multiple choice questions, short-answer questions, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations);
  • Formal and linguistic revision of exam questions/tasks and check translations;
  • Managing exam questions/tasks and statistical data in electronic databases;
  • Supporting the compilation of exams, including determining different orders of exam questions (scrambling) (paper based or electronic exams);
  • Preparing exam documents (exam booklets, answer sheets, tablets for electronic exams);
  • Accompanying consensus processes to determine a content-based pass mark;
  • Conducting statistical exam analyses;
  • For appeals on results: Supplying documents for follow-up checks and inspection, exam-methodological reports;
  • Developing new exams and consult on and accompanying the development of new exam formats;
  • Offering workshops on all areas of exam conception, preparation, implementation, evaluation, while offering supporting (electronic) tools.
  • Supporting students’ exam preparation through the possibility of online self-assessments.

Workplace-Based Assessment: 

  • Train undergraduate and postgraduate trainers in evaluating medical competencies in clinical routine and in providing structured feedback;
  • Adapt workplace-based assessment formats (e.g. Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise and Direct Observation of Procedural Skills) to specific needs.


  • Creating evaluation concepts; 
  • Developing and test questions; 
  • Designing questionnaires in electronic or paper form; 
  • Preparing and evaluate data; 
  • Producing evaluation report with recommendations. 


  • Carrying out and initiating research in the area of Medical Education; 
  • Contract-based research to support others in evaluating innovative exams, teaching interventions or other themes of Medical Education.n. 


  • Supervising Master’s theses and dissertations, including PhD works; 
  • Teaching activity in Medical Education (e.g. Clinical Skills Training, communication training, involvement of teachers in the MAS MME program).  


  • Accompanying the continuous development and maintenance of electronic assessment tools for the optimal support of those involved during the whole exam cycle.
  • Further development of the infrastructure for exam management, including preparation, implementation, evaluation and archiving of exam content. 

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. et MME Sören Huwendiek Head of AAE Department

+41 31 684 62 18
soeren.huwendiek (at)