In this MME-thesis it is planned to investigate what impacts a master of medical education program have on the professional development of its participants, their educational practice and their organization in health profession, 5 years or more after graduation and what the influencing factors are. To investigate this a qualitative approach is envisioned. 


Within this MME-Thesis project the impact and influencing factors of a Master of Medical Education program will be investigated.


Elke Bayha, MD (cand. MME)
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. et MME Sören Huwendiek (MME-Thesis advisor)
Dr. phil.-nat. et MME Sandra Trachsel (additional advisor)
Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen (additional advisor)

Project Information

Project period: 2017-2019

Sören huwendiek

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. et MME Sören Huwendiek Head of AAE Department

+41 31 631 62 18
soeren.huwendiek (at)