The goal of this project (PhD theses) is to improve cardiopulmonary resuscitation training with a special focus on outcome assessment. 

This PhD project consists of three studies:

  1. The primary aim of the first study is to clarify the maximum number of participants an instructor can oversee without missing serious errors of a single participant.

  2. The primary aim of the second study is to find out which variant of summative assessment is better to test the participants’ knowledge and skills of a Life support course.

  3. The primary aim of the third study is to find out which variant of summative assessment is perceived by course participants as testing their leadership competency best, immediately after the comparison as well as 1 year later to identify any long-term effects on the students.


The goal of this PhD is to better understand relevant assessment issues regarding undergraduate cardiopulmonary resuscitation training.


Sabine Nabecker, MD (PhD-Student)
Prof. Dr. R. Greif (Thesis Advisor)
Prof. Dr. Dr. med et MME S. Huwendiek (Co-Referee)
PD Dr. med. Lorenz Theiler (additional advisor)


Project Information

Project period: 10/2017 - 10/2020

Sören huwendiek

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. et MME Sören Huwendiek Head of AAE Department

+41 31 631 62 18
soeren.huwendiek (at)