Develop and maintain various applications to support exam services in the written and practical domains. The software package is also used for the Federal Licensing Exams and is implemented in various other exams. 


Support the whole assessment cycle for written (Measured®) and practical (EOSCE®) exams through user-friendly applications.

Ordering customer

Federal Office of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine, University of Bern
Institute for Medical Education 
Various other partners 


Hansmartin Geiser, Jonathon Duss, Stephan Schallenberger (MAS in HCID), Rafael Beck, lic. phil. Lukas Rieder, Kai Gerszewski, Roger Meier, Michael Stämpfli, Samuel Tononi, Raphael Laubscher, Axel Hahn, Daniel Schüler, Dr. sc. ETH Markus Dahinden, Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann

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Running time: since 2012

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Project-Website Examic® Assessment Suite


Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann Head of ASCII Department

+41 31 631 62 06
philippe.zimmermann (at)