The postgraduate training in general practice is evaluated every two years by means of comprehensive online questionnaires. GP trainers, GP trainees, and medical practice assistants are surveyed. The focus is on a comparison between funding from the Foundation for the Promotion of Training in General Practice (WHM) and funding from the cantons. The evaluation data are quantitatively analyzed.


The aim is to reveal, in the framework of a final report, whether the quality of the program and the satisfaction of the participants differs depending on the funding model.

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Foundation for the Promotion of Training in General Medicine (WHM).


lic. Phil. Barbara Zurbuchen
Dr. Felicitas Wagner
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. et MME Sören Huwendiek


Regular publication of reports in the Schweizer Ärztezeitung (Swiss Medical Journal)

Project information

Running time: At two-year intervals since 2006


Barbara Zurbuchen Scientific collaborator

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