To guarantee high-quality services, health professionals are required to successfully maintain their extensive knowledge base. Health professionals are forced to consistently stay up-to-date in their field in which new knowledge is evolving continuously. There is a strong need for effective support during their lifelong self-directed, learning processes.


We investigate the SDL processes from different perspectives:

i) Elements of the learning process,
ii) the view of work and organisation psychology (models and effects on individuals and systems),
iii) needs and expereinces of health professionsl in their daily lifes,
iv) elaborating technical tools supporting the learning process, and needed features and functionalities.


Prof. Andreas Raabe, Dr. Jodie Freemann both University clinic for neurosurgery, Insel-Hospital Bern, Prof. Achim Elfering, and Linda Christa, both Institute of Psychology, department of work and organisation psychology, University of Bern

Team IML

Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen
Dr. phil. Felix Schmitz
Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann

Project information

Running time: 2018 to present

Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen Schär Director IML

+41 31 684 62 01
sissel.guttormsen (at)