Typical study trajectories are not only depicted in descriptive terms, but also examined with respect to patterns and associations using inferential statistics. The endeavor is to extract the importance of individual factors such as age, gender, Matura grades, Numerus Clausus values or professional training grades, to enable potential prognoses to be made with respect to study success.


The results should reveal possible obstacles in the study trajectory and serve as the basis for a discussion of possible measures for improvement (from the Matura to the Federal Licensing Examination in Human Medicine).

First results

As the last two year groups have not yet completed the Federal Licensing Examinations, interim results were presented in September 2017 – up to and including Bachelor examinations.


Dr. phil. Rainer Hofer
Dr. phil. Rabea Krings
Prof Dr. Dr. med. et MME Sören Huwendiek
Student interns
Employees of the IML

Project information

Running time: 09/2014 – 01/2018